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Arsen Babajanyan

Music (Armenia)

Inner Times

Arsen Babajanyan - Inner TimesArtist Name
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"With this work, I wanted to illustrate how composers can create and present their works during the quarantine, without having an opportunity for live performances, musical instruments, etc.. This electronic piece with meditation elements brings up the thoughts about the sense of inner time."

Arsen Babajanyan is a Munich based Armenian composer. His creative spectrum extends from chamber, symphonic, electronic music to music theatre. Some of his major symphonic scores are Barkoos and Flourishing Flowers and Prelude to the Revelry of the Gecko. In the scope of chamber genre, Babajanyan has both - a wide variety of solo compositions as well as works scored for a large ensemble. 

The dialogue between different art branches plays a significant role in the composer's creative activity. Arsen Babajanyan authored film and theatre music, as well as participated in a number of interdisciplinary projects

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