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Avo Kaprealian

Film (France)

Covid-19 – A Window to the Natural

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"There are two voice tracks we hear in the video. The first is an interview between Hamo Sahyan and Hrand Matevosyan to whom I dedicate this very intimate and honest film. The second track, the poetry, is written and read by Paruyr Sevak. For me, these people and people like these are the always burning candles of all and any of the dark times…"

Born in Aleppo, and Educated of Theatrical studies and Dramaturgy in Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Avo is a director of several theatrical plays in Aleppo, Damascus, Beirut, and Berlin.


He is a trainer and activist in the field of “interactive theatre” and “theatre of the oppressed” in Syria and Lebanon. His first short experimental film Just Two Steps Too premiered in Golden Apricot film festival in Yerevan, Armenia. Avo's first feature film Houses without Doors has been awarded the best international documentary film. 


Now, he is leaving in Germany, working on a new film project related to Modern days Germany and the German theater.

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