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Gohar Martirosyan

 Contemporary Arts (Armenia)


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Untitled design (1).png
Untitled design (1).png

" The clay sculptures are archeological: documents of a passing moment, a record of what is not there. It is a fragmented self-portrait, a nostalgic longing for feeling and body consciousness in the context of social distancing and collective amnesia of touch"

Gohar Martirosyan lives and works in Armenia. She was born in Gyumri and grew up in Eastern Europe between Poland and Belarus. She has presented her work in galleries, museums and exhibitions across Europe and the Middle East. 

Trained as a painter, Gohar has been making multimedia installations since 2015 including plastic works, light installations, and site-specific and performative installation. Her artistic research addresses the fragile and opaque area where the public and intimate parts of our lives clash and merge.


 Gohar’s overall goal is to create emotional mind-body experiences that explore who we are - personally and socially - as a means to help collective and collaborative cultures emerge. 

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