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Julie Asriyan 

Film (United States)


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"It is a time when the world is stagnant. Everyone is inside, looking out. A child finds inspiration in her insect friend, and learns to embrace joy and freedom, and then pass it on. Fly is a tiny ballet of a film that explores what it means to take flight even when you are bound."

Julie Asriyan is an award-winning creative performing artist. A visual storyteller, Julie has served as creator, director, actor, producer, and editor of film, music videos, web video, and live theatrical productions as well as being a published photographer.

Born to an Armenian family of performing artists in Baku, Julie and her family became refugees after fleeing the pogroms, briefly living in Moscow and later immigrating to the United States and settling in NYC in the early ’90s. Julie’s 60 sec. film HOME – an allegorical take on her personal experience of forced displacement — was named a finalist in Creative Armenia x Director Terry George human rights film challenge.

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