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Kuo-Yuan (Jeff) Tsai

Graphic Arts (Taiwan)

Perhaps There is No Pace

Kuo-Yuan (Jeff), Tsai - Artwork (1).png
Untitled design (1).png
Untitled design (1).png

"A circle of nostalgia wrapped me in static. The sun seems to irritate my eyes, reminding me of the passion that I hold dearly to. This is a piece of self-forgiveness. Despite my self-quarantine, it is only temporary, and there is color in me that keeps striding forward. Perhaps there is no pace… because our personal timelines are unique."

An aspiring UWC Dilijan student, Kuo-Yuan (Jeff) Tsai is one of the few Taiwanese based in Armenia for the 2 years of his academic journey abroad. His love art stems from a zoetrope in the museum featuring Pixar’s beloved characters.


Over the years, he had represented Taiwan’s Ministry of Education in environmental awareness and developed an interest in making posters for the school theater club. Kuo-Yuan is attempting to become a compelling storyteller through exciting visuals and words, by fusing a uniquely Asian perspective with his Armenian experience. Kuo-Yuan lives in Kaohsiung.

Kuo-Yuan (Jeff), Tsai (1).jpg
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