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Noah Garabedian

Music (United States)

Quarantine Chorale

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Untitled design (1).png

"The inspiration for my piece Quarantine Chorale was rooted in loss and isolation. Each of the four videos in my piece mirror the many different emotions and personalities that can emerge after several weeks in isolation and self-reflection. It begins with an opening solo melody that continues to develop and expand as more voices are added, ultimately ending with the top voice, representing hope and light."

Noah Garabedian is a bass player, composer, and educator in New York City. He holds a BA in Ethnomusicology from The University of California Los Angeles, and a Master's of Music Performance from New York University.


In 2016 Mr. Garabedian received a Fulbright Specialist Grant to teach music for one month at Silpakorn University, in Bangkok, Thailand. He has also represented the US State Department on two separate tours as a Musical Ambassador. In October 2020, Mr. Garabedian will present a new composition commissioned by the Peace Resource Center at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio.

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