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Pablo Rojas

Film (Spain)


Actors – Pilar Hidalgo, Iris Murillo

Camera assistant – Iris Murillo

Untitled design (1).png

 The whole film was recorded with a smartphone (Xiaomi Mi A3). All the music, including the foley, was created and recorded by Pablo Rojas. This is his first short film. 

Pablo Rojas is an independent artist from the Dominican Republic, based in Spain. He is a musician, composer, producer, and filmmaker.


His main instrument is the guitar, but he can also play other instruments. Rojas does not define himself with a specific genre. He can write rock, Latin, and film music, allowing himself to have the creative freedom to make pieces as they appear in his own universe.  He has participated in several concerts and projects in Santo Domingo, DR, and is always open to new collaborations. 

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