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Sevana Tchakerian

Music (Armenia)


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"When the lockdown started, I was in Paris in the middle of a tour and my professional projects suddenly stopped. The forced pause on my hectic schedule was a blessing in disguise: despite the ambient uncertainty, I finally took time. I took time to self-reflect."

Sevana Tchakerian is a French-Armenian musician, musicologist, manager, and educator. In 2012, she co-founded the urban diaspora band Collectif Medz Bazar. In 2015, Sevana moved to Armenia to found Tsap-Tsapik, a music and child development program; she wrote the first preschool music curriculum in the Armenian language and is invited around the world as a music consultant. 

As the Director of Programs of the organization Giants Steps Music, Sevana has organized multiple residencies to promote women in music. From 2017 to 2020, she has produced international tours for professional musicians from Armenia through her agency Dayl’Ayl Production. 

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