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Silvia Beglaryan

Music (Armenia)

Ուշացած մտքեր

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"I was thinking about people and their torturing acts towards our home, our Mother Nature. And I believe that this situation with a pandemic is a call from our Earth to make us stop for a moment and look around and I noticed how it made a huge amount of people to revalue what we had, what nature gave us."

Silvia Beglaryan graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design and currently works as a Graphic Designer while trying to fulfill her dreams of becoming a professional singer/songwriter.

Silvia also plays guitar and wrote her first song when she was only 16. As a musician,  she participated in numerous music festivals and given concerts, performing original songs with her friend, as a duo, at different pubs and clubs, and events across Yerevan and outside.

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