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Tiezerk Band

Music (Armenia)

Melody that will remind you of me

Tiezerk, which means Universe in Armenian, is a band that has no artistic borders. The band was founded in 2015 by three teenage girls. From the 2019 band includes two girls: Lusine (vocals, flute, pipe, piano, jutar/self-invented instrument, mandolin), and Eliza (vocals, harmonica, guitars). They’ve started with arranging Armenian national music, later have created music for dance performances.

Starting from 2016, they create using Armenian writer’s poems while writing original songs. In 2019, Tiezerk’s Debut Album “Coordinates:00:02:37” (live-recorded) was released. Starting from 2015, they tour and collaborate both locally and internationally; Switzerland (2019), Poland (2017, 2016), Georgia (2015, 2018), and USA (2016).

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