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Peto Poghosyan

Visual arts (Armenia)

Peto Poghosyan - Artwork.jpg

Peto Poghosyan was born in 1983 in Gyumri, Armenia currently lives in Yerevan. 1998- 2000 - courses of sculpture and graphics at Gyumri branch of Fine Arts Academy. 2000-2006-Painting Department of Fine Arts Academy in Yerevan.

Peto makes paintings and works with watercolor without any mixed media, he combines dry brush with a wet watercolor surface. Peto works both at the location and at the studio. His figurative compositions are about all the different people living around and how everyone is trying to make sense of the world, city inhabitants caught up in the contrasting feelings of happiness and sadness. 

Peto Poghosyan, artist.jpg
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