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Spartak Khachanov

Film (​Ukraine)

​Outside the window

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"Outside the Window is a timely exercise about the notions of introspection, uneasiness, fear, and forced solitude related to new circumstances of social isolation."

Spartak Khachanov was born in 1984 in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan in the Armenian family. In 2011 he began studying at the Kharkiv Art School, where he specialized in sculpture under the supervision of Valery Pirogov, who shaped the artist’s outlook.


In 2015 Khachanov studied at the Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. In 2018-1919 he studied at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (KAMA). Khachanov has been a member of the artists’ group Bread Plant since 2018. Spartak Khachanov is a contemporary artist who produces visually, politically and emotionally charged works in a variety of materials and genres.

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